From navigating the crowds to being monkey-savvy, there are a few tricks to getting the best out of a trip to Bali. We’ve rounded up 3 top tips to bank for your next visit to the Island of the Gods

Bali travel

Expect crowds
One of the most touristic islands on earth, Bali is not exactly an intact paradise. But while it can be difficult to escape the crowds in southern Bali and Ubud, determined solitude seekers will be happy to find plenty of secluded corners beyond these primary resorts. Tip: Head to the central mountains, or to the colder coasts of northern and western Bali.

2. Choose your base carefully
It’s worth thinking a little bit about your Bali base, as chaotic traffic and hot weather will probably make you stay close to your hotel or guest house instead of wandering away on foot or sitting in congested taxis. If you’re looking for a real R&R, Kuta probably isn’t your thing. If you want to shop in a storm and eat more than your body weight in fine food, a week at Nusa Lembongan is unlikely to leave you completely satisfied. Find your perfect place with the help of Lonely Planet’s “First Time in Bali” guide.

3. Don’t worry about the “Bali belly”.
Strict dietary habits are no longer required to prevent you from strolling from Bali two steps from the bathroom. Once upon a time, salads, cut fruit, ice cubes and most meats were on the hazard list, but hygiene standards have improved markedly throughout the island, and many cuisines offer good quality organic products. While there will always be prawns of dubious quality, staying hydrated, avoiding the notorious local arak liqueur and consuming street food with some caution, Bali’s dreaded belly should be kept at bay.